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Features Of Driver App

In-app Sign-up

New drivers can upload their documents and submit registration request from the app.

Secure Access

2-factor authentication for drivers to log into the app and start taking ride requests.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can work at their preferred timings by controlling their availability status.

Real-Time Requests

Cool animation with a timer when a driver receives a new booking request.


Drivers get a limited timeframe to take accept or decline a new ride request.

Request Details

After a request is accepted, drivers get detailed pickup information.

Navigation Built-in

Tight integration with Google Maps powered navigation for seamless pickups.

Start/End Trip

Intuitive UI to update trip status - arriving, trip started and trip ended.

Discount Codes

Passengers can easily apply any promo codes while booking a ride.

Seamless Payments

Hassle-free ride payments with multiple payment options.

Driver Dashboard

A dedicated screen for driver earnings reports, feedback, performance, etc.

Track Earnings

Detailed breakdown of driver earnings over time with useful insights and stats.

Rate Customers

Drivers can also rate the passengers after the completion of a successful trip.

Accept Cash Payments

Drivers can mark a payment as cash after a trip’s completion when needed.

SOS Alerts

Drivers can report an emergency to the control center from the app.

Pickup Suggestions

Predictive pickup suggestions based on a passenger's past booking history.

Help & Support

Driver related queries can be addressed with in-app support and FAQ options.

Driver Destination

Drivers can get rides in a particular direction by providing a destination choice.

Heat Map

Driver can see the CAB demand area on his MAP, from where the most search for cab is generating and approach to that areas to increases his rides.